Made up of a 40% milk chocolate couverture and filled with a cassis gelee and 35% white chocolate yoghurt ganache, this bonbon is named after the purple hue that sometimes occurs in Sandstone due to high manganese (if you would like to know what manganese is, please be aware that I am a chocolatier and not a mineralogist, so I will leave that to the experts and Wikipedia). 


Melk chocolade (cacaoboter, volle melkpoeder, suiker, cacaobonen, bruine suiker, natuurlijk vanille smaak, emulgator: sojalecithine, gerstemoutextrakt), cassisgelei (cassispuree: 90%, zuiker: 10%), pectin (water, citroenzuur, pectin (pectin E440i, tartrate of sodium and potassium E337, dextrose, sodic polyphosphate E452i), yoghurt: yoghurt poeder (magere koemelk, natuurlijk gefermenteerd), gepasteuriseerde limoenpuree met suiker (limoen 90%, suiker 10%), witte chocolade, minimaal 35% cacaoboter (suiker, cacaoboter, volle-melkpoeder, emulgator (sojalecithine), natuurlijk vanille-extrakt), suiker, glucosestroop, slagroom (stabilisator: E407; bevat lactose, melkeiwit) E171, E120, E133.* Bevat lactose, melk, soja. 

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