Named after barefoot walks on the beach, feeling the soft yet crunchy sun-dried sand beneath my feet, this bonbon has taken a long time to get right. Sandbar features a 40% milk chocolate couverture and is filled with a milk chocolate salted caramel, almond gianduja, and salty peanut milk chocolate caramel crunch. It is sure to linger in your mouth like the sand between your toes (or between your teeth, if you happen to have children and spend a lot of time picnicking on the beach).


Puur chocolade (cacaomassa, suiker, cacaoboter, emulgator: sojalecithine, natuurlijke vanillesmaak), melk chocolade (cacaoboter, volle melkpoeder, suiker, cacaobonen, bruine suiker, natuurlijk vanille smaak, emulgator: sojalecithine, gerstemoutextrakt), amandelpasta (amandelen, pinda olie, zout), milk chocolate peanut caramel crunch*, E120, E171, E100, E133.* Bevat: melk, soja, noten

*Design may be subject to change.