Kaapstad (Box of 9)

Kaapstad (Box of 9)


Chocolatier's Choice, assortment of flavours from below. 


No selection possible. Only available flavours will be provided. 


  1. Lime with sour cherry
  2. Raspberry with white chocolate raspberry yoghurt crunch
  3. Passion Fruit, Mango, Quinoa
  4. Dark Chocolate Raspberry 
  5. Apple, almond gianduja, cinnamon, buckwheat
  6. Orange Cardamom
  7. Hazelnut gianduja with dark chocolate hazelnut ganache
  8. 40% milk chocolate salted caramel, almond gianduja, salty peanut milk chocolate caramel crunch 
  9. 40% milk chocolate cinnamon crunch
  10. Caramel Pecan 
  11. Dark roast coffee with walnut 
  12. Apricot walnut 
  13. Hazelnut gianduja with coconut 
  14. Morello cherry with creamy pistachio and dried cranberry
  15. Rooibus Vanilla
  16. Banoffee Pie 
  17. Dulce de Leche, dark roast coffee, dark chocolate espresso crunch
  18. Blood Orange  
  19. Bonoffee Pie
  20. Rooibus and Hibiscus
  21. Cassis (Blackcurrant) Yoghurt 
  22. Apple Strudel
  23. Dark chocolate butter with lime gelee
  24. Caramel Coffee Parfaits


*Box Dimensions 

115mm L x 115mm W x 33mm H


*Shelf Life - 4 weeks. 

  • Disclaimer*

    Chocolate decoration may vary from box to box. 

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