All Sweet Seafood bonbons are handmade with Callebaut chocolate. All ganache flavours are developed and prepared to order. No added stabilisers or preservatives are used. Coverture decorative colouring is created with IBC Non-AZO Powder Flowers. All bonbons are hand painted and packaged with expert care. 
The flavour profiles are created with a focus on seasonal tastes and seasonal moments where chocolate is a key feature in celebrations and events. The flavour list is rotated every two months alongside of small batch, speciality flavours designed for retail sales. Sweet Sea Food is invested in creating bonbons that match and accentuate your brand. With this in mind, discussing and designing signature flavours for wholesale buyers is valued. The chocolatier is open to exploring how the size, shape, and flavour of the bonbon can be chosen to be a seamless addition to your product line. 

Price per bonbon. 
Current Winter 2021 Flavours
	Cherry Almond
	Dulce de Leche
	Coconut, Lime and Macadamia Nut
	Orange and Cardamom
	Raspberry Vanilla
	Blood Orange
	Salted Caramel
	Lemon Mint
	Milk Chocolate Almond
	Bitter Lemon
	Passion Fruit and Coconut 
	Hazelnut Gianduja with a Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Ganache 
	Lemon, Basil 
	Rooibus Vanilla 
	Espresso with Dulce de Leche 
	Dark Chocolate Raspberry 
	Pear Cardamom

All prices are excl. VAT
  • Ordering Information

    Our wholesale price is €0.75 (ex. VAT, shipping) per bonbon. Payment is due within 21 days of your order. Orders can be placed through the Sweat Sea Food website, www.sweetseafood.com. All Sweet Sea Food bonbons are handmade over a two-day process. Bonbons must be stored in a cool, dry place (16/17 C) and must be consumed within three weeks of receipt. 


    Bonbon orders will be shipped or delivered with cool packs when necessary. Bonbons can be delivered in boxes ranging from 4 pieces to 50 pieces. Specific packaging requirements can be discussed per the nature of the order. If a new flavour concept is designed, a sample box of nine pieces will be delivered. An additional nine pieces can be provided if further flavour development is needed. Upon receipt of the order, the order will be shipped via DHL or delivered by private courier in The Hague. 

    Please see the Sweet Sea Food website for all terms and conditions. 

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