New Flavours

Hey everyone!

It's a new week and I want to tell you all about the flavours we have, the inspiration behind them, and other creative flavours we are experimenting with for the future.

The Banoffee Pie

First off is this magnificent beauty! About a year ago I watched Eater's YouTube video about Stick With Me Sweets in New York, New York, which took us through the process of taking a cake and recreating it layer for layer inside of a chocolate bonbon. I knew immediately that this was something I wanted to do someday, and so I began to study cakes and flavours and flavour pairings and learning about the chemistry behind recreating a cake without actually making a cake. The most important part is the layering of the bonbon, because it needs to feel a certain way when you bite it.

The Banoffee Pie bonbon is essentially three layers. First is the milk chocolate banana ganache, second is the dulce de leche, and third is the biscuit crunch. With each bite you get the rich, crunchy, creamy sensations that give that lovely indulgent feeling.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry

This particular bonbon has been on the menu

since the very beginning, but I haven't really shown it off as much as it deserves. It is a personal favourite for myself and several of my regular customers, with its raspberry gel and dark chocolate raspberry ganache. It is - quite literally - packed full of delicious flavour!

Strawberry Mint

Next up is the Strawberry Mint. Similar to some of our other bonbons, this bonbon is by no means complicated. I try to keep everything as simple as possible. The flavour comes from infusing cream with mint leaves for 30 minutes, then combining said cream with milk chocolate

and a strawberry puree (90% strawberry, 10% sugar). In the future I would very much like to try different layering methods, such as strawberry gel with a mint ganache; this would give the bonbon more contrast on the inside, and pack a little more flavour into it.

Cherry and Coconut

Sometimes there are two flavours that you just know will be perfect together, but making it is another matter entirely. That was the case for this particular bonbon. I started with a cherry gel that I struggled to get right alongside of a coconut ganache, but... saving you from the boring chemistry

rabbit hole of what went wrong and the continual learning process, this evolved into the two delicious' ganache you can see in the photograph on the left. The dark chocolate cherry by itself has an almost overwhelming flavour to it, but when combined with the coconut, the tartness is complimented and rounds it out.

Caramel Pecan

I don't want you to think that I have only been focussing on fruity flavours, because I haven't, but they do seem to make up a vast majority of what I have right now. Having said that, as I the business expands and customers start asking for more varied options, I have found myself experimenting more and more with nuts. When I first opened Sweet Sea Food, I had a list of flavours that my wife and I had come up with to help give some direction in the beginning, and that I could always fall back on in the future should recipe testing be a bit of a struggle. Caramel Pecan was one of her suggestions...

I already had the salted caramel bonbon, but what would it be like if I put a raw pecan smack dab in the middle of it? And that is precisely what I did. And my oh my was it divine! The caramel is dark but not too dark; it kind of rolls along the tongue, like a wave preparing to break. And then you hit the crunch. The pecan. The wave has broken. And you just need to ride it all the way to shore!

More Flavours

Flavours are an essential part of the Sweet Sea Food chocolate bonbon experience. As of right now, I am still in the early phases of the business, but things are picking up and it is getting busier. I have 25 flavours, and Christmas is approaching so I will be experimenting more and more to bring you the flavours you have been asking for. I am currently working on marshmallow, blueberry cheesecake, brownie's with cream, rhubarb and custard, pistachio and cherry praline, and a ton of others. If you have any ideas, please do let me know because I would love to hear them, for the possibilities are endless..


If you would like to place an order for some chocolate bonbons, you can do so via the website Should you have any questions regarding our chocolate making process, or would like to place a wholesale order for an event or business-thing, you can contact me via, or via WhatsApp on +31 (0)6 839 238 64.

Many thanks, and I'll speak to you all next week on my next post...

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