Limited Autumn Offers

Hey everyone,

I hope you all had as fabulous a weekend as I did. It was super busy, so much so that I might just need the rest of the week to recover.

Fun Equipment Updates

As many of you already know, I bought a bunch of new equipment that was needed in order to help streamline production. These last few months I have been making all of your bonbons using the utmost basic bain-marie method - I had a mixing bowl filled with chocolate atop a pan of boiling water on the stove. It worked for small scale production and will still be useful for tempering coloured cocoa butters for bonbon decoration, but when it comes to actual production... well, that big shiny square thing on top of the fridge is my new chocolate melting kettle. Super proud of this purchase, as it allows me to do so much more! And consistently!

This week alone I made 900 bonbons between Thursday morning and Saturday evening, then sold them at one of the local "homemade" street markets on Sunday (20.09). By purchasing the fridge, wine cooling cabinet and chocolate melting kettle, I am able to regulate temperatures and humidity surrounding the chocolates, keep all of my ingredients cold and fresh, whilst also maintaining consistent temperatures of melted chocolate so that I no longer have to keep melting and melting and melting and melting and melting. Despite the new equipment, at the end of the day after all that work, my body... it still hurts! Making chocolates is still very much an athletic operation, for which I will be forever grateful!

Limited Offers

Today is a special day. It might also be the best day to announce our range of new flavours. "What day is today?" I hear you ask. Well, today is a special day. Today is Tuesday. Today is - *imaginary drumroll* - the first day of Autumn. And what better way to celebrate the beginning of a new season than with some new flavours with limited time offers.

Alongside of our usual boxes of assorted flavours, we have three new categories: fruity, nutty, and chef special. Each comes in three different sizes: 4 (sold in packs of 3), 9, and 15.

Scheef is our sample collection. You get three boxes of 4 for €12. That's 4x fruity, nutty, and chef' special bonbons. We sell these as a 3-pack because of their size and, well, it means you could either try them as a sample of future purchases, or you could sneak a bite or two without having the guilt of eating your gift to someone else. Kind of a win-win scenario, as far as I am concerned.

Kaapstad is our box of 9 (€13) and Mavericks our box of 15 (€17). These have been available for a while now, but I am making a few changes based on the feedback given to me by you. You will now be given the option to purchase a box from each of the four categories listed above; if, for example, you order a box of fruity bonbons because you don't like nut, you will only be given a selection of our fruity bonbons. The chef special is anything that does not fit into either of the previous two categories, or some of our more experimental flavours (i.e. Rhubarb and Custard, Banoffee Pie, Blood Orange, or Rooibus Vanilla).

Seasonal Savings

We have a new deal available for the start of Autumn: from 23.09 to 01.11, purchase 2 boxes of Mavericks and your third purchase is free. Use the promo code fallisforflavour at checkout.

Anyways, this is it for now. I will be posting another blog in the next few days about our newest flavours, so get ready, because I think you're going to love them (oh, and there will be a few photos to drool over)!

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