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Making sweet moments together


Sweet Sea Food is an online patisserie specialising in the production of chocolate bonbons. We strive to bring people together over a shared love of food, using fresh ingredients to create an experience to remember.


This is WHY we do it!

Raspberry Cheesecake

Following several years working in restaurant kitchens, an understanding of the three stages to an amazing restaurant experience was developed. First is the starter. After being seated, conversations begin, boundaries are tested, and our culinary experience is introduced to us. The starter is what whets our appetite for the food to come, offering a small glimpse of how good our shared experience will be. 


Second is the main meal, our very reason for being there. Conversations deepen, relationships form, and the food brings us closer together. A good meal often has comfortable silences filled with the subtle sounds of cheering taste buds. 

Third is the dessert and quite possibly the most important meal of the entire restaurant experience. The dessert is what we talk about when we leave, it is the taste that melts in our mouths and lingers on our tongues. It is the meal that either completes or kills your culinary experience.


This is where Sweet Sea Food was born... working in kitchens that churn out good food but marginal, passable desserts. We want every meal to look just as good as it tastes, and to taste as good as it looks. Now and in the foreseeable future, the restaurant experience as we knew it is changing, but we here at Sweet Sea Food want you to keep having that magical last bite. We want your heart to race whilst you check the mail for our custom boxes. Come join us we as embark on this sweet adventure!

This is WHAT we do!


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